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"Living From Insight Out"


Interpreting, notary, translation



“I am thankful and excited you have taken the time to visit my website. It is my belief once we have insight into our past, clarity about our present, we can then choose our future.  In all that I do; whether coaching, speaking or writing I do my best to convey that message.  What I do is not just a job for me; I am living my passion and I have decided to dedicate my life helping others do the same.

I would welcome the opportunity help you along your journey.”

Wishing You Bliss,


GAYLIE & COMPANY specializes in Individual Life Coaching & Group Coaching For Women and Organizations dedicated to the empowerment and uplifting of Women & Young Girls around the world.  


The journey is yours; you decide which road you will travel.  Make this year YOUR year!

GAYLIE & COMPANY provides affordable coaching for individuals seeking focus and direction in their lives.  The coaching process will assist you in achieving a vast array of goals in the personal, business, work, and family areas of your life.

  • Do you feel you are ready to make a change, but just not sure what that change is?
  • Do you find yourself spending more time being frustrated by where you are, rather than                    moving to where you want to be
  • Do you find yourself not being able to tackle your “to do” list?

If you answered YES to any of these questions; individual or group coaching may be exactly what you are looking for.

~ Creating The Life You Want ~ Interview with Coach Gaylie ~


*Treat every client with the dignity and respect EVERYONE deserves.

*To listen with the intent of understanding, while always remaining true to the spirit of the message.

*Always adhering to the highest standards of confidentiality.

*Never assuming or judging another persons situation as it is NOT our place.

Certified Individual Life Coach, Certified Group Coach, Certified Vision Board Facilitator & Speaker  


Gaylie is an Individual and Group Coach working with women, small businesses and organizations dedicated to uplifting and empowering women around the world.  Gaylie partners with women in transition whether from full-time mom to re-entering the work force or successful corporate executive to entrepreneur. Gaylie started her coaching practice in 2007 with the goal of partnering with women to work through the sometimes-overwhelming decision of making a transition while still running a household, working full time or simply feeling “stuck”.  Prior to starting her coaching practice, Gaylie spent over fifteen years as a call center manager, hospitality operations manager, corporate trainer and workshop leader (Gaylie's expertise). Today, Gaylie offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching, groupd coaching, vision board workshops, to seminars and keynote speeches.


Gaylie and her  Husband Eric currently live in Charleston, SC


Individual coaching is customized to meet your needs and goals. As the client you set the agenda for each session. My pledge to you is to listen without forming a reply, I listen to understand you. Together we will brainstorm, problem solve and strategize all while discovering a powerful new approach and direction for YOUR life. Individual sessions take place via telephone or in person. Click here to get started.  


Group coaching session are a fun and powerful way to get a fresh perspective on you and your life with the help of others. The support and encouragement you receive from the group is a powerful way to create new possibilities for your life.

Group sessions can be held via telephone conference call or in person.  Click here to book your session today!  


Kristie Hewlett, Web and Print Designer

"When you hear her speak, it communicates kindness and focus. Gaylie has a structure in her coaching which allows her to know you and your passions in life. From there she coaches to grow the good skills and compost the bad habits." 

Cassandra Parrish of Grateful Goodbyes, LLC

"Gaylie has the innate ability to listen to what you say and pull out what it is that you are wanting to work on to get you from point A to point B. She asks all of the right questions and has a deep sense of compassion, empathy and sincerity. She breaks things down into simple steps thereby making your goal seem attainable and continues to offer invaluable support. She truly cares about her clients and shows them that she really does want them to succeed and reach their goals. She is truly a gift."

Marta A. Segura M.P.H. of GOLD & Associates

"Gaylie is an intuitive and supportive coach that asks all the right questions, creates synergy, and is a pleasure to work with."

Keya Jammeh of Taxaide and Accounting

"Gaylie is very motivated and warm woman. She has so much knowledge about getting your business, relationship, and life going in the right direction. She has helped me so much."

Idanis Mills of I.D. Mills Consulting

“Gaylie genuinely cares about the people she works with and for. Her goal is to always create a positive atmosphere regardless of the setting.” 

Melissa Zimmerman, General Manager at Residence Inn by Marriott 

"Gaylie's gregarious demeanor quickly puts everyone at ease. Her sense of genuineness radiates the moment she smiles at you. Overflowing with patience and understanding it's evident she is meant to be helping others! I highly recommend her and hope to do future business again with her!!"  

Lisa L. 

“Gaylie is a lighthearted woman with an amazing aura, who knows how to cultivate positive energy. She is confident, open, and does not mind sharing her experiences with her clients. I am particularly grateful for her professionalism and ability to listen. She is always supportive and trusting."

Kecia Harris, General Manager at Staybridge Suites Hotel 

"I use Gaylie quite often for my translating needs both personal and professional. When I am away on vacation she won't be surprised to receive a phone call from me. Most importantly more than half of my staff speaks Spanish; I call upon Gaylie for translation during reviews and meetings; sometimes just for understanding the culture. Trust me when I say she's better than Google translate. If you need someone who is bilingual, professional and personable you've found her."